Preacher, pastor, church planter, musician, songwriter; Joshua Eggerson is a multi-talented and multi-faceted Man of God. 

Bishop Joshua Eggerson Sr. is a third generation Pastor who has been in ministry for fifteen years. He is a preacher, pastor, church planter that has personally planted or directed the planting of churches all over the country. Bishop Eggerson is a ministry consultant and serves churches in the area of vision, leadership, systems, marketing and church growth, empowering them to serve this present-age. In addition to his Pastoral anointing, Bishop Eggerson is a gifted singer and songwriter and also consults churches in the area of music ministry, specifically in the area of cultivating a culture of corporate worship. 


Bishop Joshua Eggerson is a preacher's preacher and has a unique ability to blend educated and creative exposition with the power of the Holy Spirit. Bishop Eggerson has shown an ability to reach his generation without forgetting his roots in the historic church, allowing him to bring both young and old together creating multi-generational church environments. 


In 2018 Bishop Eggerson, his wife, along with a team of very gifted people planted Faith Restored, a Life-Giving, Spirit-Filled, church in Jacksonville, Florida. In the short time since its inception, Faith Restored has been a powerful and impactful place for all people to find hope and healing through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information about Faith Restored, CLICK HERE

In 2019 Bishop Eggerson founded The Kairos Fellowship of Churches after observing a need for there to be reformations that could gather and properly empower Pastors and Leaders who were called to reach Millennials as well as the generations coming behind them. In 2020 Bishop Eggerson was duly consecrated to the office of Bishop and installed as the Presiding Bishop of The Kairos Fellowship of Churches. 


Joshua is happily married to his best friend Teresa Tramayne Eggerson (formerly Reed), and they have two beautiful children, Tamia Tramayne and Joshua Jerome Eggerson Jr. 


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