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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 


As we venture into the 21st Century, it has become clear that the world around us is changing and that if we are to expand God’s Kingdom by reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we must change as well. I am founding Kairos because I believe that if you are taking the time to visit this site you, like me, are one of those men or women of God who have been uniquely called and gifted to lead this generation and the ones coming behind it. I also believe that if we are going to succeed in leading the people God has called us to, then it is imperative that fellowships, like Kairos, exist so that like-minded Kingdom leaders can be “United, for such a time as this…”  


The Greek word “Kairos” speaks to an appointed time in history—a “God Moment” a critical time. It is no secret that we have been called to shepherd and impact one of the most gifted, tech-savvy, and globally-minded generations in history. Sadly, the testimony for many of us as leaders is that we are called and anointed but unprepared with the information, systems, and strategies that we need to be successful in our calling; or we are called, anointed, and prepared but because of crowded and outdated structures we have not been given the opportunity or the platform to make the impact that we long for.


There is a need for organizations that can provide Pastors and Ministry leaders with tools and with opportunity, Kairos exists to fulfill that need. It will provide Pastors and Ministry Leaders with the information, training, and tools that they need but more than that, it will be a family that will provide connection, covering, and a covenant bond. 

If this sounds like something that you have been praying for, then I invite you to consider Kairos and join me as we shape the future of The Church together.




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Kairos is a fellowship, not a denomination and it is the right to choose to be in covenant relationship with one another that makes us strong. Pastors and Para-Church Ministry leaders are welcome to unite with us regardless of their current affiliation with their existing denominations, reformations, or ministry networks. As a part of the Kairos family you will enjoy the following benefits and MUCH more: 


Every leader needs a leader. Not just any leader but someone who will lovingly shepherd them, their spouse, and their family, cover them in prayer,  and walk with them through the ever-changing seasons of life and ministry. You need leadership that will stretch you so that you can do the same to those whom you cover. As a part of Kairos, Joshua Eggerson will avail himself to you as a shepherd. With over fifteen years of ministry experience, he will pour out to you transparently, not just from the successes of the mountaintops, but from his failures in the valley. In addition to Pastor Eggerson, his wife Lady Teresa Eggerson will make herself available to walk with every wife who is connected to the fellowship to serve as a sounding board and mentor to assist helpmeets as they attempt to navigate the often treacherous waters of being married to ministry. 



Through Kairos you will receive the training, strategies, tools and consistent mentoring that you need to be effective in your specific area of ministry. Whether you are a pastor or itinerant minister you will consistently be sharpened in your theology, preaching, methodology and leadership through Kairos, not just by Pastor Eggerson, who is becoming known across the nation as a Preacher’s preacher, but through Kairos’s commitment to expose its members to the premier minds in ministry from all over the world! We promise that we will not falsely claim to be the experts in everything, but we will FIND THE EXPERTS and use our resources to get them to you at regular monthly training sessions, our yearly conferences and “members only” gatherings. In addition to resources and training, Kairos will offer ordination and ministry credentials to all connected and qualified men and women who desire. 



As a member of the Kairos Fellowship of Churches you will have full access to the ministry resources of Pastor Joshua Eggerson and The Faith Restored Church. This includes, sermon audio and video as well as notes and series graphics, video and graphic design templates, foundational legal documents (articles of incorporation, constitution and bylaws etc.), outreach ideas and step by step instructions on how we did it, as well as access to key staff people at Joshua Eggerson Ministries and Faith Restored to answer your questions and coach your staff. 


Creation of Opportunity.

For so long so many called and gifted people have gone unused and unfulfilled because they have had to wait excessively for an opportunity to truly use their gift. While Kairos does affirm that every leader is not called to the mainstage and that a healthy period of development is essential for the growth, development and testing of every leader who desires to have longevity in ministry, we also believe that there is too much work in the Kingdom for those who have been gifted by God to not be given a chance to use that gift in the church. As a part of Kairos if your desire is to lead or use your spiritual gifts for the growth of the fellowship and the good of the Kingdom we will make it our business to create the platform for you to do so, because we believe that all every great leader needed was a “chance” to be great. 

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Q: I'm already apart of another organization can I be apart of Kairos?

A: Absolutely! Kairos is a ecumenical fellowship and welcomes pastors and ministry leaders from all Christian denominations, reformations and networks so long as you can agree with our statement of faith. 

Q: Are there financial requirements for membership in Kairos?

A: There are no standard dues or reports to be paid for membership in Kairos. All we ask is that if you join Kairos you provide regular financial support to the fellowship as God blesses you to do so. We understand that ministry is hard and that oftentimes you and your spouse end up underwriting the cost of ministry, and we are here to help get you over that hump.

Q: I  am not a Senior Pastor can I still be a part of Kairos?

A: Kairos is a fellowship that is designed to provide covering, coaching, collaboration and the creation of opportunity to leaders who will impact this generation and the one after it. Although this is primarily geared towards Senior Pastors and their wives, Kairos will accept those who lead evangelistic and para-church ministries on a limited case by case basis. We encourage all interested leaders to apply. 

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